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Is a $126.5mm SPAC dedicated to the exponential financial growth and sustainability of minority-owned and operated companies through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Why Now?

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Companies with 51%+ minority-owned and operated by individual (s) belonging to an ethnic minority group.

  • MBEs account for more than 50% of the 2 million new businesses

  • 58% of MBEs say they are "at risk" or "distressed" due to a lack of capital

  • MBEs owned by Black women are the major drivers to minority business growth

  • MBEs created 4.7 million jobs and $700 billion in sales

Landmark 81 seen from below in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Strategies for Investor Growth Through Acquisition


Minority Executive Team

  • Experienced professionals in M&A, operations and financial management

  • Culturally competent business leaders, committed to growth models

Embrace Innovation, Market Scalability

  • Identify emerging technologies and companies who are sector leaders or fast followers

  • Develop robust sells and marketing platforms to expand greater market share and strategic partnerships




Using our global network, we identify MBE businesses with the greatest growth potential and that will maintain MBE status


Once a deal is selected, we conduct thorough due diligence to evaluate each opportunity using a detailed process


At the stage of acquisition, our team negotiates and secures agreement terms that will result in the best growth opportunities for our investors

City Sky

MEOA Acquisition Criteria
Target Business Profile:

$200+ Million Enterprise Value​

Compelling growth story steeped in proprietary technologies, innovation and opportunities for U.S. and global expansion

A history of strong, sustainable cash flow

Experienced, visionary management team, with a proven track-record


MEOA will use its network to identify businesses that meet our financial, ESG/CSR and MBE objectives

Due Diligence

Once a deal is selected, MEOA conducts thorough due diligence to assess business operations, growth opportunities and alignment with MEOA ESG/CSR and MBE objectives


At the stage of acquisition, our team negotiates and closes a merger designed to maximize long-term shareholder value and meet our broader societal objectives

“The M&A and IPO process gives MEOA the leverage to identify companies with stellar business models and management teams that are committed to building a more robust MBE ecosystem by providing diverse vendor opportunities, jobs and ultimately greater economic inclusion in communities across the country.” 

Robin Watkins.jpg

Ms. Robin Watkins

Chief Financial Officer

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